Areté Day Messages!

Happy Areté Day everyone!  We have a new page on the site that offers the current and all of the past Areté Day messages published by the Supreme Mugwump of The Assemblage of Areté.  You can find it by navigating to our Holidays page, and then clicking either the title for the section on Areté Day, or on the highlighted word at the end of the section.  You can also jump to it right now by clicking here if you'd like!

This page is set up in blog format, meaning that the most recent message will be presented first, and then by scrolling to the bottom of the page you can find a link that says "Older Posts" to see progressively older messages.  If you'd like to start from the beginning (last year) you can follow this link to go straight to the first one.

Be Excellent to Each Other, and Party On!

Schedule Page & Calendar Calculations

In sync with our recent announcement of changing our Sunday meeting times to 7pm at the San Diego Parish, we've got some other schedule related updates to the website!  First of all is the new Schedule page which provides a chronological listing of all weekly assigned topics from the inception of The Assemblage to as far as they've currently been officially calculated, which is most of the way through 12,018 HE.

Speaking of the schedule calculation process, we now have a separate Calendar Calculation page which goes into nitty-gritty detail about exactly how the weekly topics are determined, how frequently Joyday happens, and what days exactly do the seasonal holidays fall on.  Upcoming Joyday dates have also been added to the Holidays page.

Throughout the site, most dates have been realigned to the Human Era calendar which is the official year counting system used by The Assemblage of Areté as of 1 January 12,018 HE.  You can learn more about the Human Era calendar via this great video by Kurzgesagt, which was featured in one of our early YouTube Club meetings.

We also continue to make progress at refining various points of the website- of particular note is that the images on the 30 Aims page and Six Qualities page now link properly to their intended destinations!  You can finally just click on the images themselves instead of having to aim your pointer specifically at the captions for the images.  We hope this will make navigating those areas of the site just a little easier for everyone.

That should be it for now-

Be excellent to each other, and party on!

New page about rededication ceremonies

We wanted to give visitors to our website a slightly better idea of what to expect at our weekly convocations on their first time, so we've added a new page to the website describing the rededication ceremony in detail!  You can find that page here:  

Meanwhile we should mention to newcomers to our convocations that we sing uplifting popular music together as hymns, we discuss important issues in our communities and lives, and we teach ourselves about the principles of Aretéanism with the goal of making ourselves better people and peoples!  It's a great experience, and if you can make it to our meetings near San Diego, we encourage you to give us a try.  You can RSVP for meetings via our page, or contact Narrator Colin Campbell directly via email at

In the edits today we've also fixed a handful of minor errors that continue to haunt our site, including correcting our Twitter link to direct to our organizational Twitter account instead of to Colin's personal one.  If you discover any typos, unclear language, or other errors... please send Colin an email letting him know, he'd love to have it fixed!

Be Excellent to Each Other... and Party On!

Minor site edits

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been a few minor site edits, mainly consisting of fixing spelling errors and comma usage errors.  One slightly more significant change effective today however is moving our Scientific Method page out from the unlisted sections of the website and into the main line of "What We Believe" that's accessible from anywhere in the website.  The upcoming October the 9th convocation will be on the topic of Critical Reasoning, one of The Thirty Aims of Areté, and in line with that focus it was realized that our emphasis on trusting science should be made more easily identifiable to the site's visitors.

The Assemblage of Areté straddles a weird position, a narrow central band in a Venn diagram: we appeal to people who both reject the doctrines of traditional world religions; yet also desire the structure, ritual, and community of religion.  While we hope our site effectively communicates the "religious" nature of our religion- those structures, rituals, and community elements that make us ourselves- it seemed that we needed additional clarity that unlike most religions, we reject superstition and embrace science and logic.  Of course none of this is a doctrinal change for us, it's just making what we already value more obvious to newcomers.

Be excellent to each other, heroes...  and party on!

Hiatus Over, The Six Qualities of Areté, and "Dudes"

We're back!  It's good to be back!  The short hiatus we've had over the summer since Understanding Day is finally at an end, and our weekly services (which we call "convocations") are happening again- slightly later time but same place: 7135 Amherst St, La Mesa, CA 91942 on Sundays at 1pm Pacific Time.  Whether you've attended in the past or have only ever thought about it, we'd love to see you in person for our convocations!  It makes a difference to us to have more people to feel a community with, and we're sure it'll make a difference to you as well to join us.

During the hiatus, Supreme Mugwump (yes, that's really his title) Colin Campbell spent a lot of time considering how to make Aretéanism more accessible, and easier to communicate with others.  The result is that The Thirty Aims of Areté, which were organized into three categories of ten aims each, have now been reorganized into six categories of five aims each: The Six Qualities of Areté.  While these qualities are based on groupings of The Thirty Aims, the Six Qualities are also meant to stand alone- acting as statements of what we believe to be the fundamental characteristics of Areté.

These six doctrinal concepts really aren't new, of course- they represent things that the Assemblage of Areté and the religion of Aretéanism already professed.  The Six Qualities of Areté do have their own unique meanings however, which are considered to be of slightly higher importance than the granular detail of the Thirty Aims.

The Thirty Aims aren't going away, and naturally we still encourage all our adherents to memorize them if possible, but The Six Qualities provide a more elegant answer to the question, "What does it mean to 'be people of Areté'?"  The answer is:

We believe in being practical, thoughtful, virtuous, loving, visionary, and great people and peoples.
  • We believe that we should be capable of achieving physical success in the world.
  • We believe that we should develop keen mental faculties to improve ourselves and the world.
  • We believe that we should always be upright and good in our behavior.
  • We believe that we should have real care for our fellow human beings.
  • We believe that we should look to and plan for the future in order to build greater success.
  • We believe that we should be more than simply “good”...  Instead we believe that we should strive for greatness in the way we live our lives.

As of today, our website, has been updated with detailed explanations of all of these points, as well as some minor cosmetic changes.

As one final doctrinal change, it has been decided to change our official call and response so that we no longer say "dudes" at the end.  This change was decided on partially to avoid any debate about the gendered nature of the word, but even more so the decision was made in order to provide a small degree of distance from the 1989 film "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure".  To be clear, this was not a move made out of copyright fears, as that should be a non-issue.  Rather, it's come to the attention of Colin that despite his (and many other people's) love of that movie, not all people do- and more particularly, as time passes the movie may lose its cultural relevance.

The new call and response is simply: "Be Excellent to Each Other..."  "...and Party On!"

  • (or perhaps "...and Party On, Heroes!" if one prefers)

No one's going to get in trouble for saying "dudes" or anything ridiculous like that- we do believe in The Third Tenet of Areté after all... "The Intent of the Law, Is the Law".  All we're doing is changing our official recommendation for what is said from the pulpit.

We hope everyone has had an excellent summer, we hope that these minor changes will bring even just a slight addition of Areté into your lives, and we very much hope to see you in one of our convocations!

Be Excellent to Each Other... and Party On!

Lots of new content!

It's been a busy day, but we're pleased to report that there are major new additions to the site today, providing more information about what we believe and how we practice our new religion!

  • Each of The Thirty Aims of Areté now has its own dedicated page, detailing exactly what we mean by each of the words!  Words can mean different things to different people, and we think you'll find it useful to know what we mean when we say we aspire to a particular value.
  • A section on our practice of active contemplation is now available!  Contemplation isn't the same as prayer or meditation, but it's a little like it, and it's an important part of how Aretéans develop their attributes.
  • A section on our holidays has been posted!  We have a total of eight major ones, though we're also happy to celebrate other national or cultural holidays too.  Technically, one could even say that each Sunday is a special holiday for the Aim of Areté we focus on that week!  We just really like celebrating!

Speaking of celebrating, you should come celebrate with us!  We're brand new, that means that we're still quite small, but we'll be a little bit larger with you!  Our first convocation will be on Sunday, March 20th, at 10:00am PST.  If you're interested in coming, we encourage you to invite yourself to the Facebook event you'll find here:

Since we're so small right now, RSVP's can really help us prepare.  Being ready for 2 people is quite a bit different than being ready for 20 or 200 people!  Please don't be shy though, we'd love to meet you, even if you haven't RSVP'd.  Keep in mind that even if you can't make it this week, we'll be having a convocation at 10am every Sunday from here on out!  We hope to meet you soon, and as always:

Be excellent to each other, and party on dudes!

The Journey Begins!

We're thrilled to announce our existence to the world, and to share our mission to create of world of Areté!  While technically The Assemblage of Areté was incorporated as a nonprofit religious organization on the 23rd of February in the State of California; since that time there's been a lot of important work going on behind the scenes, such as getting our website and social media ready.  In fact, we're not quite done, and over the next few weeks it is very likely that you'll see additional content appear on our website, and possibly some of our existing content will be reorganized.

The most important piece of news however is the start of our weekly convocations for the San Diego Parish, beginning on March 20th at 10am!  Convocations are expected to last just slightly longer than one hour, and attendees are welcome to stay afterwards to socialize and enjoy a potluck lunch.

The Assemblage of Areté (and Aretéanism as a whole) is obviously still quite new.  While we imagine that this movement and organization might eventually gain global appeal, we expect that during our organization's infancy we might be quite small in numbers and resources.  As such it will be of great use to us, especially for the first convocation, if visitors will RSVP accordingly via the open events posted on our Facebook page.  Please don't be surprised by the fact the San Diego Parish's locus is currently the backyard of our founder's home.  We may be small in number for the time being, but we are sincere in our desire to make the world a better place, and with your help it will happen!

Be excellent to each other, and party on dudes!

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