The Journey Begins!

We're thrilled to announce our existence to the world, and to share our mission to create of world of Areté!  While technically The Assemblage of Areté was incorporated as a nonprofit religious organization on the 23rd of February in the State of California; since that time there's been a lot of important work going on behind the scenes, such as getting our website and social media ready.  In fact, we're not quite done, and over the next few weeks it is very likely that you'll see additional content appear on our website, and possibly some of our existing content will be reorganized.

The most important piece of news however is the start of our weekly convocations for the San Diego Parish, beginning on March 20th at 10am!  Convocations are expected to last just slightly longer than one hour, and attendees are welcome to stay afterwards to socialize and enjoy a potluck lunch.

The Assemblage of Areté (and Aretéanism as a whole) is obviously still quite new.  While we imagine that this movement and organization might eventually gain global appeal, we expect that during our organization's infancy we might be quite small in numbers and resources.  As such it will be of great use to us, especially for the first convocation, if visitors will RSVP accordingly via the open events posted on our Facebook page.  Please don't be surprised by the fact the San Diego Parish's locus is currently the backyard of our founder's home.  We may be small in number for the time being, but we are sincere in our desire to make the world a better place, and with your help it will happen!

Be excellent to each other, and party on dudes!

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