New page about rededication ceremonies

We wanted to give visitors to our website a slightly better idea of what to expect at our weekly convocations on their first time, so we've added a new page to the website describing the rededication ceremony in detail!  You can find that page here:  

Meanwhile we should mention to newcomers to our convocations that we sing uplifting popular music together as hymns, we discuss important issues in our communities and lives, and we teach ourselves about the principles of Aretéanism with the goal of making ourselves better people and peoples!  It's a great experience, and if you can make it to our meetings near San Diego, we encourage you to give us a try.  You can RSVP for meetings via our page, or contact Narrator Colin Campbell directly via email at

In the edits today we've also fixed a handful of minor errors that continue to haunt our site, including correcting our Twitter link to direct to our organizational Twitter account instead of to Colin's personal one.  If you discover any typos, unclear language, or other errors... please send Colin an email letting him know, he'd love to have it fixed!

Be Excellent to Each Other... and Party On!

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