Areté Day Messages!

Happy Areté Day everyone!  We have a new page on the site that offers the current and all of the past Areté Day messages published by the Supreme Mugwump of The Assemblage of Areté.  You can find it by navigating to our Holidays page, and then clicking either the title for the section on Areté Day, or on the highlighted word at the end of the section.  You can also jump to it right now by clicking here if you'd like!

This page is set up in blog format, meaning that the most recent message will be presented first, and then by scrolling to the bottom of the page you can find a link that says "Older Posts" to see progressively older messages.  If you'd like to start from the beginning (last year) you can follow this link to go straight to the first one.

Be Excellent to Each Other, and Party On!

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