"Rededication" changed to "Dedication"

Every week, Heroes of Areté gather together in convocations to strengthen and lift each other up- through song, words, and importantly to us, ritual.  What has heretofore been called the "rededication" ceremony or ritual, will be known in the future as the "dedication" ceremony or ritual; and the words of the ritual have likewise been slightly modified to accommodate this minor doctrinal change.

The reason for the change is that while the original purpose of the ritual was exclusively for members to rededicate themselves to the rituals they have previously participated in, it's since been realized by Supreme Mugwump Campbell that the ritual needs to be (and in fact, has been) far more inclusive than just being for people who are already members of The Assemblage of Areté.  Instead, it should be an opportunity for anyone in attendance to make that mental distinction in that moment, that what they are doing is not ordinary, but in fact extraordinary or sacred (to themselves), as they dedicate themselves to the ideals represented by the ritual.  Members will naturally remember the commitments they have previously made, of course, but meanwhile all in attendance can now freely and easily participate if they wish.

The official text of the ritual (to be read by the parish's narrator) will now read: "Be it known, that having the proper authority of The Assemblage of Areté; I light this fire that we might remember to seek an enlightened world; I pour this water that we might remember to keep ourselves clean of wrongdoing; I hang this towel that we might remember to raise our flag for others to follow; and I shovel this earth that we might remember to tend the world as the garden it is.  Heroes, if you will dedicate yourselves to these ideals, of your own free will and because you believe them to be good, step forward into a vigilant life!  Heroes, Be Excellent to Each Other, and Party On!"

The rest of the method by which the ritual is performed has not changed, only this slight change in wording.

As always Heroes... Be Excellent to Each Other, and Party On!

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