Minor site edits

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been a few minor site edits, mainly consisting of fixing spelling errors and comma usage errors.  One slightly more significant change effective today however is moving our Scientific Method page out from the unlisted sections of the website and into the main line of "What We Believe" that's accessible from anywhere in the website.  The upcoming October the 9th convocation will be on the topic of Critical Reasoning, one of The Thirty Aims of Areté, and in line with that focus it was realized that our emphasis on trusting science should be made more easily identifiable to the site's visitors.

The Assemblage of Areté straddles a weird position, a narrow central band in a Venn diagram: we appeal to people who both reject the doctrines of traditional world religions; yet also desire the structure, ritual, and community of religion.  While we hope our site effectively communicates the "religious" nature of our religion- those structures, rituals, and community elements that make us ourselves- it seemed that we needed additional clarity that unlike most religions, we reject superstition and embrace science and logic.  Of course none of this is a doctrinal change for us, it's just making what we already value more obvious to newcomers.

Be excellent to each other, heroes...  and party on!

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