Taking just a moment to consider, or to think, about each situation we find ourselves in, and then acting upon those thoughts; is the simplest way to make the world a better place and our lives more excellent.  When we see a piece of trash lying on the ground, rather than mindlessly moving on, we can ask ourselves how much work it would be to pick it up, compared to how much more beautiful the space will look without the trash.  When we build a product, we can consider for a moment if the blind, deaf, or immobilized will struggle to use it.  When we speak in groups, we can ask ourselves if a member of the group might have something great to say, but is too shy to speak up on their own.  Usually the amount of effort required to do things a better way is minimal, and all that stops us is a lack of considering the situation in the first place.  The more consideration we exercise in our lives, the more excellent we will be as people and as a people.

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