Heroes seek and take responsibility.  By trusting in the excellence of our own faculties, we believe in our ability to achieve good results with whatever resources are at our disposal.  As such, Heroes of Areté seek new responsibilities and opportunities to accomplish excellent things- courageously stepping into new roles for which we must work hard to master.  We also accept accountability for our actions, both the praiseworthy and poor.  It is not lacking humility to accept praise for a job well done; this is both a proper reward and offers good work as an example to others.  Meanwhile it is not lacking pride to accept criticism of a mistake; the embarrassment can help us learn a lesson and we should be proud to have the strength to endure reproach.  Indeed, we prefer to accept the consequences for our actions than that someone else should suffer twice: first for our mistake, and second for our dishonest avoidance of blame.  Likewise, we believe in giving credit where it is due; our creed is one which celebrates the beauty of areté- when we see examples of excellence we should proclaim it for others to see as well.

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